The hosted domains feature of a website hosting account indicates the number of registered domains that you can add in the same account. Registering a domain and hosting it are two totally different services even though many people consider them to be the exact same thing. While the registration means that you become the owner of a given domain name, the hosting element is what in fact enables you to have a site because this is where your data and email messages are going to be. Since these are two different services, you'll be able to register a new domain with one company and host it with another one by changing its name servers (DNS) - the domain name shall work in the exact same way just as if it was registered and hosted with the exact same company. Additionally, it is important to know that changing the hosting means pointing the domain to a different company and not transferring it.

Hosted Domains in Shared Hosting

The shared hosting solutions we offer allow you to host a different number of domain names. This way, you can select what plan to buy and how much to spend depending on your requirements. If you choose to host more domains in the future than the amount the current package permits you to, you can quickly upgrade the entire plan or keep the same one and just add more slots for hosted domain names. If you decide to employ the registration services of a different company, you'll be able to see the name servers you have to set for your domains in order to direct them to our cloud platform in the Hosted Domains section of the Control Panel on our end. If you want to have everything in one location, however, there's no limit on the number of domains you can register/transfer as part of your account regardless of the hosting plan you have picked. Then you can decide if you'll host them or you will direct them to other existing domains.

Hosted Domains in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our semi-dedicated server packages permit you to host an unlimited amount of domains by default, not by demand or after a pricey upgrade. We've made sure that the feature matches the computing power of the plans simply because it does not make sense to have a lot of resources and be able to use them only for a small number of domain names. In case you register a new domain through our company, it'll be hosted in your account automatically, so you'll not have to do anything manually after that to link it to the account. If you decide to host a domain, which is registered through a different company, you can do so with a few mouse clicks and you can see the name servers that you need in your Hepsia Control Panel. The latter was created particularly for multi-domain hosting, so you'll be able to manage all hosted domain addresses from one place with ease. You can forget about dealing with different systems and accounts as you would have to do with other Control Panels.