Managing your own server might not be very simple and in some situations it may be incredibly annoying, particularly if you don't have a lot of experience and you are not certain what to do in specific cases. The hosting server has its own Os and processes running on it, which means that you may need to take care of issues that you haven't stumbled upon with a standard shared hosting package deal where the company addresses the hosting server maintenance while you deal with only your web content by using a website hosting Cp. In case some service stops responding, for example, or some process start overloading the hosting server, you shall need to take measures to restore the proper operation of the server. If you have not dealt with this sort of situations in the past, you'll be able to use the Monitoring & Rebooting feature, that's an element of our optional Managed Services upgrade pack.

Monitoring and Rebooting in Dedicated Servers Hosting

The Managed Services bundle can be included to each of our Linux dedicated servers hosting any time, so whenever you decide you need it, you can order it with several clicks and our staff will activate a variety of automated checks for the status of different system processes on the server. This will save you loads of funds for third-party monitoring services from businesses that cannot resolve an issue even if they discover one since they will not have access to your hosting server. Our knowledgeable staff can quickly deal with any problem - a frozen system process, a script which is consuming too much processing time or memory, and so on. They will discover what the origin of the problem was in order to resolve the latter in the most suited way and will restart the server if this is needed to restore its proper functioning. Thus you will not have to bother about possible problems or deal with administration tasks.