ZFS is one of the most innovative file systems out there and it outshines any other file system when it comes to speed, overall performance and reliability. The speed at which info is processed on a hosting server using ZFS is much greater, so not simply shall any sites hosted on the hosting server be read and executed considerably faster, but also backups can be produced faster and with greater frequency without affecting the functionality. In addition, ZFS employs checksums - digital algorithms which are employed to identify damaged files. Whenever the file system finds that there is an issue with a specific file, it repairs it using a good copy from another disk drive in the RAID. Both the checks and the repairs are executed instantly, so the data stored on ZFS-based web servers will be safe at all times due to the fact that it practically cannot get corrupted. Another advantage of ZFS over other file systems is that there is no limit for the amount of files that may be stored inside a single account or on the web server as a whole.

ZFS Cloud Storage, Mails, MySQL in Shared Hosting

If you opt to host your Internet sites within a shared hosting account from our firm, you'll experience the advantages of the ZFS file system first-hand since we use it on all hosting servers that are part of our innovative cloud platform. Your files, e-mails and databases will be stored on servers which use SSD drives and a great deal of physical memory which makes it very easy to take advantage of the full potential of the ZFS file system. As backups are generated much faster, we will keep four copies of all your content every day, so in the event that you delete a file or some update damages your site, you can easily recover everything the way it was via the browsable backups that are available within your Control Panel. In case there is a server failure, it takes seconds to switch to a backup server and by employing the ZFS system, we make sure that the new server shall have the most recent copy of your website and that none of your files shall be broken. Our ZFS-powered hosting packages will give you the speed, stability and safety that you want for your Internet sites.

ZFS Cloud Storage, Mails, MySQL in Semi-dedicated Hosting

ZFS is available on all of our hosting servers, so when you get a semi-dedicated hosting plan from our firm, you will be able to enjoy all of the advantages this file system has over those which other businesses on the web hosting market use. We've employed ZFS for the storage of files, databases and e-mails, meaning that both your sites and emails shall work fast and there will not be a set limit for the quantity of either one of them. Additionally, all servers come with solid state drives and loads of RAM to make certain that we can use the full potential of the file system. That way, we guarantee not only the speed of your Internet sites, but also their integrity since we can afford to make 4 daily backups of your whole content without affecting the efficiency of the storage hosting servers - something impossible with other file systems or Control Panels. The ZFS system also enables us to switch to a backup server with the newest copy of your content if a machine fails for some reason, so if you have a semi-dedicated account, we ensure the integrity of your information and the high access speed to it.