Data Backups

Your website content could be recovered whenever you want

Not a single web site is shielded against hack attacks. Your web site might be affected even by involuntary web site content deletion on your part. Thanks to our data backup service, we can restore your web site content whenever you want. In addition to the regular server backups that we’re performing, you can yourself create manual back–up copies of all your website content with a single mouse click using the File Manager, which is accessibly located in your Web Control Panel. Just create a ZIP archive of the folder(s) that you wish to manually back up and place it in a location of your preference.

VPN Access

Safe, anonymous web site browsing

If you reside in a place with strict web surfing regulations but want to examine the web as much as possible, we have a solution for you. Using any of our shared hosting packages, you’ll be able to obtain VPN access and surf the web freely. All you have to do is set up a new network with the detailes we offer and we’ll route both your inbound and outbound traffic through one of our Virtual Private Network data centers.

Solid–State Drives

Solid–state–drive–driven cloud hosting machines

All our shared hosting machines feature solid–state drives rather than conventional hard disk drives. Solid–state drives boast faster read & write speeds, which goes to say that your sites will open significantly quicker. No extra site modifications are required.

By result of the excellent web connectivity options provided by all our cloud hosting Data Centers, your web site will start to open significantly faster as soon as you host it with us.

Web Hosting Control Panel

Site handling made quick and easy

Site control has been now made simpler. The point ’n’ click Web Control Panel puts all typical site administration duties at your fingertips. You can upload files with simple drag ’n’ drop actions, handle all the settings of your domain names and web sites by just a single location, register and transfer numerous domains, create and control multiple mail accounts, manage electronic mailing list campaigns, set up MySQL databases, order SSL Certificates to protect your customers, etcetera. Comprehensive statistics will keep you up–to–date with all visits and actions on your sites.

24x7 Support

24–7–365 Technical Support

Our team of professional tech support engineers is online 24/7/365 for any questions that you might have concerning our shared hosting solutions. Whether you’re in need of advice or have a significant problem to settle, we’ll be here to assist you. You can contact us via e–mail or using the ticket system. A 60–minute response is guaranteed. You can also give us a call or use the online chat service during business hours.

Service Scalability

A cloud web hosting service that grows more and more powerful together with your site’s needs

Our custom–created shared hosting system makes it possible for your web sites to expand as much as you’d like. Scalability is ensured as all services are handled by several servers instead of one. By result of this, you’ll be able to use as many of the assigned web hosting resources as you’d like and you’ll never be affected by server overload problems or slow maintenance duties. Last but not least, you’ll be able to upgrade your web hosting plan with extra features or move to a more feature-rich hosting plan when you want.

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