Through the Domains Manager built in the Web Control Panel, it is possible to control all of your domain names effortlessly, from the exact same location you handle your sites. Furthermore, our Domains Manager is stuffed with all the tools you will need in order to proficiently manage all aspects of your domains.

Multi– Domain Supervision

All your domain names in a single place

Through the SupremeServer Hosting Web Control Panel, you’re able to focus on many websites and domain names concurrently. The Domains Manager allows you to regulate all the different elements that come with your domain names – WHOIS info, name servers, customized DNS records, domain locking, etc. Also you can park unrestricted number of domain names, direct domain names, allow Domain WHOIS Privacy Protection, etc.

With just a click, you are able to control your sites’ files, databases, mailboxes, or check your existing site statistics.

Hepsia File Manager

DNS Records

Control all kinds of DNS records

With the Web Control Panel, you’ll discover a method to create a variety of DNS records for your own domain names. You can easily point your domain names to outside hosts by using A or AAAA records, apply third party mail web servers through MX records, arrange domain name redirection along with CNAME records, allow support for more services with TXT records, etc. You can easily customize the tweaked DNS records and return them to their normal values with simply a click.

Beyond the customizable DNS records, you might also register name servers that are based on your domain. As a result all your customers will see your brand, as a substitute for our universal name servers, every time they complete a WHOIS search.

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Domain Parking

Park limitless number of domain names

If you want a domain however do not possess a web site for it yet, it is easy to register it and additionally park it until finally your website is prepared on the web. Domain Parking means that you can have captivating domains and set them online by making usage of default webpages created by our system. You can choose from an ’Under Construction’ page as well as a "for sale" web page. Alternatively, you’ll be able to temporarily point the domain to an alternative website.

As soon as the site for your domain is all set, you unpark your domain name with simply a click of the mouse and your web site gets on the internet promptly!

Hepsia File Manager

Domain Redirection

Instantaneous domain name redirection

It is simple to point a domain name to another web address because of the convenient to use capability of the SupremeServer Hosting Domains Manager. You can make redirections to simultaneously domains hosted in your own account and domains found on outside hosts. With simply a mouse click, it will be easy to choose the domain you’d like to have to route and after that designate the website url of the host you want it to lead to. To undo a re–direction, click on the ’Host Domain’ button and our system is going to forward the domain to your Linux shared hosting account.

You will need domain name redirection to forward several domain names to a single website. For instance, if possess a brand (your–, it is easy to forward just about all fashionable domain extensions to your principal website (your–, your–, your–, your–, etc.) to guarantee that no–one takes the domain and ’steals’ your visitors.

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Whois Privacy Protection

Defend your details from mistreatment

Just about every domain name you register possesses your personal details which are commonly observable by the community. While there is an opportunity that a person takes advantage of your information for spamming reasons, you might have advantage of a Domain WHOIS Privacy Protection service. It will cover up all private data from the general public, so that when someone makes a WHOIS check, they’ll solely observe simple details rather then yourpersonal details.

However , don’t be concerned, if somebody is required to get in touch with you about your domain name – all communication demands are still shipped to your mailbox.

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Secure your clients’ information

The ideal way to ensure protection for the delicate information of your respective online clients is usually to mount an SSL with your web site. It can encrypt the link amongst the site visitors as well as your web site, to ensure all of the sent information like bank card data are stored secure.

From the Domains Manager, it’s easy to obtain a brand new SSL certificate for your own website. You can choose between 2 kinds of SSL – common (for just one website) and then Wildcard (for any hosts under a domain).

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