Not long ago, the cPanel Control Panel appeared to be an undisputed leader on the web hosting marketplace. Its reputation grew so big that nowadays cPanel is an analogue of Control Panel. Nonetheless, the cPanel Control Panel has been based on dated concepts and what worked well a few years ago is just not actual presently.

For this reason, we invented the SupremeServer Hosting Control Panel, built around the concepts of these days and prepared for the challenges of the foreseeable future. It is developed to work in the cloud, to always be convenient to use and to enable you to control all aspects of your web presence: website, domain name and billing, all from a single location.

1. Domain/billing/web site adjustments

The SupremeServer Hosting Control Panel permits you to comfortably control all your domain names, e–mail messages and web sites with a click of the mouse. In this manner, you are able to deal with all aspects of your online presence from a single place.

The cPanel Control Panel does not feature synchronised management of domains and sites. You get one invoicing panel for your domain names and invoices, and another Control Panel for your websites.

2. File Structure

In the SupremeServer Hosting Control Panel, your websites and subdomains are going to be independent from each other. Each site can have its very own directory isolated from the rest within the home directory of your cloud hosting account. You can easily change from working on one site to managing another.

Within the cPanel Control Panel, you’ll have a single folder for your main website and all of the the extra web sites are situated within this directory. This would make handling a wide range of sites from one interface very puzzling.

3. File Manager

The SupremeServer Hosting File Manager was made to work exactly like your desktop computer file explorer. Offering features such as drag and drop file uploads, right click context menus, archive/unarchive functions, and so on., it’ll make working with your files quick and easy. In addition, there is a built–in WYSIWYG interface and also a backend code editor.

The File Manager included in the cPanel Control Panel has been modified a couple of times over the years, but it still is unable to provide a good experience in comparison with other web–based file administration applications. You cannot work with a drag–and–drop functionality to publish data files, the zip/extract tool can be difficult to rely on sometimes and also the file editing user interface is restricted in features.

4. No–fee Bonus Features

In case you’re looking to get more for your bucks, then the SupremeServer Hosting Control Panel is the best answer. It has freely available bonuses that are calculated to cost you over $1000. You will be able to work with the Web Site Installer, Applications Installer, Framework Installer, Web Site Generator and you’ll also find access to a huge collection of free–of–cost layout themes.

The cPanel Control Panel is offered by way of a paid certificate and add–on gifts will be incorporated for an additional fee. This means that even if your service provider features zero–cost extras inside the cPanel, their actual cost will be contained in the price of your hosting offer. Additionally, the quantity and type of no–cost add–ons will be different from one website hosting company to another.

5. Control Panel Tool Performance Speeds

The SupremeServer Hosting Control Panel is engineered employing the most recent web related technologies. This way, it utilizes in full the capabilities of your web client and net connection to help you manage your websites really fast. In our comparison experiments, when performing similar operations, the Control Panel reached three times quicker speeds versus competitive control panels.

cPanel continues to be working on a platform from a decade ago and may truly be sluggish occasionally. The cPanel team has carried out a large step with the release of cPanel accelerated. Even so, in evaluation tests, widespread site managing procedures usually indicate much better outcomes with other Control Panel tools.

6. Multi–domain Administration

The SupremeServer Hosting Control Panel will provide you with a unique option to manage a lot of domain names and sites from a single easy–to–navigate interface. Domain administration is simple and changing to site administration means you only have to move to a different part of the Control Panel tool.

The cPanel Control Panel keeps different elements isolated – you will need to control your domain names from one web address and your sites from another. Each individual site features its own Control Panel. Managing a number of web sites within one Control Panel is also possible, but could be rather puzzling because virtually all extra domain names will be kept in the folder of the main domain name.

7. Control Panel Menu

With the SupremeServer Hosting Control Panel, you’ll be offered the newest reports for your sites and with easy shortcut icons to the key areas. Additionally, you are able to move through the Control Panel, thanks to the top menu bar, which contains links to all presented Control Panel sections.

The cPanel Control Panel shows all available icons on the home page, which means that it’s not at all adapted to your specific demands. Moreover, as soon as you access a menu, you cannot easily move to another one and need to to return to the home page alternatively. This sort of navigation can be very annoying for you, especially if you implement many Control Panel sections each time you manage your web sites.

8. Trial Control Panel Accounts

Using the SupremeServer Hosting Control Panel, we’ve put together a full–fledged demo interface for you to examine before signup. You’ll get access to a demo Linux shared hosting account where you’re able to set up e–mail accounts, mount apps, make brand–new sub–domains, as well as make a website with any of our site constructors, etcetera. If you like what you have created – you you’re able to join us from the demo account and preserve anything you have come up with up to now.

The cPanel Control Panel is equipped with a basic demo interface that will not provide you with access to the primary website administration instruments you need to check. It will demonstrate how a basic index page seems like and you will have access to one or two of all the offered controls. The other capabilities will be disabled unless you enroll.

We can mention every section of our Web Control Panel here and compare it with the cPanel Control Panel. Nonetheless, it will be a lot quicker if you take a peek at our live demo account to see the visible difference all by yourself.

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